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Report: Fatal opioid overdoses appear to be leveling in Milwaukee County

January 30, 2019 3:16 PM | Sally Winkelman (Administrator)

January 30, Wisconsin Health News

Opioid-related overdose deaths appear to be leveling off in Milwaukee County, according to a recent report.

If trends continue, the projected likely number of fatal opioid-related overdoses last year will be 9 percent lower than in 2017, according to the Milwaukee Community Opioid Prevention Effort.

The report estimated that for every overdose death, five additional people received an anti-overdose drug and survived.

The report also called for efforts focused on reducing drug use, working with providers to prevent those taking pain medications from developing opioid use disorder and connecting people with treatment.

"While much effort has been put into addressing the opioid crisis, and projected fatal and non-fatal overdoses appear to be decreasing, more is needed," the report noted.

The Milwaukee Community Opioid Prevention Effort is sponsored by the city of Milwaukee, The Medical College of Wisconsin's Department of Emergency Medicine and the Zilber Family Foundation.

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